Life is full of surprises, and there are countless things that can catch us off guard, leaving us in awe or amazement. When buying a product from a shop, we are surprised by the behaviour of animals as well as the adaptations of nature. From the natural world to human achievements, here are some pictures that often surprise people.

#1 This Stacked Wood

#2 I Sold My Sofa Over Facebook. The buyer Sent Me This Photo

#3 The Sun Shining Through My Fish Tank Aligned Perfectly On Each Knob

#4 A Perfect Fit

#5 Watching “Big” At A Hotel, And Josh’s Mom Is Talking To The Microwave

#6 BirdPerson

#7 The Way All The Veins In The Rocks Line Up

#8 Does This Count?

#9 My Neighbor’s Tree Fits Perfectly In My Window

#10 I Finally Got A Picture Of My Cat Looking At The Camera

#11 My Wife Did The Toblerone Thing At The Matterhorn Today. I Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Weather

#12 When You Have A Huge Monitor And A Nice View At The Same Time

#13 How Well Our Movers Tetris’d Our Stuff

#14 Taken At Royal University Of Phnom Penh

#15 The London Eye Fitting Almost Perfectly In The Toilet Window

#16 I’ve Been Informed That My Little Cozy Little Couch Corner Would Make A Good Fit

#17 I Wonder What He Is Looking At

#18 The Reflection Of An Identical Car From Window Perfectly Matches

#19 Just Why

#20 Perfect Parking Space

#21 Didn’t Stop Meowing Until He Was In The Cup

#22 Perfect Fit Coffee

#23 Perfect Fit

#24 The Hand Mirror Managed To Line Up Perfectly On Its Own

#25 This Hair Tie Stuck In My Shoe Tread

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