We all have bad days. But sometimes things like that can be fun. Today we are showing some such cases. The problems faced by people in their daily life have been published on social media. They really make us smile.

#1 Poor Megan

#2 Fell On A Gusset Plate At Work

#3 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

#4 My Girlfriend Got Nailed At Work

#5 So I Started Working As A Beekeeper Last Week

#6 My Friend Works As An Extra In Movies And Does Stock Photography… Just Saw Him Pictured As A Sex Offender On A Bus In Florida

#7 Actually Had To Put This Sign Up In The Bathroom At My Work

#8 The One Time The Toner Exploded At Work While Switching It Out. You Can See Where I Was At That Exact Moment

#9 Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I’m Trying To Work

#10 Flew In A Helicopter For The First Time At Work, The Pilot’s Helmet Wasn’t Calming

#11 Went To Open My Fridge. Definitely Thought My Hand Was Connected Properly

#12 Put My Visor Down In The Side To Block The Sun

#13 Threw My Swatter At A Fly. Don’t Ask Questions Because I Don’t Have Answers

#14 Their Flight Left 2 Hours Ago

#15 So Excited To Use My Pizza Cutter For The First Time

#16 I Bet She’s Glad She Bought That Tire Cover

#17 When The Snowplow ‘Nicks’ Your Car

#18 Anyone Curious What Happened After That Guy Ripped His Pants At The Wedding. I’m His Wife

#19 Siberian Summer

#20 I Asked To Have It Edged Up So My Bangs Would Be Straight. Proceeded To Cut All My Bangs Off And My Entire Widows Peak. White Guy At A Black Barbershop Problems

#21 In Colorado, Due To Rock Fall, A 20 Mile Stretch Of Highway Now Has A 238 Mile, 4,5 Hour Detour

#22 A Storm Came Through. The Plastic Furniture Barely Moved But The Grill Blew 30 Ft Into The Pool

#23 Finally Gave In And Let My Daughter Get A Cat. Turns Out She’s Allergic

#24 A Small Crash Revealed Just How Much Make Up She Had On

#25 Life Must Be Hard For Him

#26 Whoever Threw A Sink Into My Car Last Night

#27 The Door I Had To Get Through Last Night To Get To My Room

#28 My Favorite Wedding Photo. I Got A Bubble In My Eye While We Were Leaving

#29 I Proposed To My GF This Weekend And Proceeded To Drop The Ring Down A Gopher Hole

#30 My Roof Caved In Last Night

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