Big buildings, roads with many mansions, and unimaginable big concrete works are a unique skill of the architect. No matter how difficult it is to design, the result is beautiful. Are you a fan of such designs? How do you feel about this road design? Scroll down and have a look.

#1 Semanggi Interchange in Jakarta, Indonesia

#2 A Highway Interchange In The Takao Mountain – Near Tokyo, Japan

#3 High Five Interchange at the intersection of I-635 and U.S. Route 75 in Dallas, Texas, USA

#4 Downtown Dubai, UAE

#5 A highway interchange in Wuhan, China

#6 MacArthur Maze Interchange Oakland, California

#7 The Yan’an East Road Interchange in Shanghai, China

#8 Semanggi Interchange in Jakarta, Indonesia

#9 Big I Interchange Albuquerque, New Mexico

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