#1 The Mask I Ordered (Left) vs. The Mask I Got (Right)

#2 A Hat Would Have Pulled It All Together

#3 Friend Of Mine Ordered A Bamboo Online, Today It Arrived In All Its Glory

#4 I Ordered A Ben 10 Action Figure And I Got A Used Baby Sock Instead

#5 My 1200 Page Loose-Leaf Book Arrived A Little More Loose Than I Was Expecting

#6 Wife Ordered A Fake Predator Lawn Deterrent For Our Geese Problem Without Checking The Dimensions

#7 The Pizza Shop Promised Light And Airy Crust. It Was So Light And Airy That It Was Invisible

#8 How My New Computer Just Got Delivered

#9 Man Wanted To Know If Cake “Contains Eggs”

#10 The Shirt I Ordered vs. The Shirt I Received

#11 I Bought A PS2 On eBay. Something Seems A Little Off

#12 I Still Got Compliments On It Tho But Mostly Gave People The Creeps

#13 Waited A Month For This. Doggo Was Not Impressed

#14 Garfield Without Lasagna

#15 Received These Size 12 Badminton Shoes From Amazon. They Look Like A 7 And Fit In My Palm

#16 My Sister Ordered And Requested A Mirror With A Custom Name On It And Requested That The Name On The Bag Would Be “Same Like On The Mirror”

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