It’s critical to be armed with certain heavy-hitting weapons against boredom as the convoy of our consciousness rolls into another work week. And that, my friends, is precisely where a “mixed-bag-of-fun” comes in handy. Maybe you’re looking for a mix of epic sights, funny photos or even a dank meme or two — always with a dash of WTF thrown in for good measure.

And that’s exactly why this selection of images is here. So, the next time you’re bored, taking a paid dump, or attempting to beat the clock, cast a wary glance over your shoulder and delve right into this collection of fascinating and unusual sights from right here on Earth.

If this veritable cornucopia of entertaining randoms isn’t enough for you, remember that one good turn deserves another; there’s always more dankness or cool cross-sections to sift through on your next bathroom break.

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Funny memes are a thing of beauty. They lift the spirit, make us laugh, and, more importantly, make us think.

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