We humans often build roads and bridges, canals and ports, even entire cities at the expense of the environment. But nature isn’t planning on giving up. On the contrary, it is determined to persevere, showing just how fragile our creations are.

01.Someone Added Googley Eyes To This Tree Consuming A Bridge

02.Abandoned House, Norway Style

The abandoned houses left behind by farmers, fishermen and stationmasters in the pristine landscape of Scandinavia

03.An Abandoned Church In France

“The church was probably founded during the 10th century when the city of Caen began its first significant growth. It is mentioned for the first time in the charters granted by William the Conqueror to the two abbeys of Caen under the name of sanctus Stephanus Vetus in around 1067.[2] The qualifier “old” distinguishes it from the church of the Abbey of Saint-Étienne, Caen (the Abbaye aux Hommes), under construction from the 11th century.”-wikipedia

04.Trees Sprouted On Top Of Abandoned Chimneys

A man found a large tree growing out of the chimney of an abandoned house

05.I Saw A Tree Eating A Stop Sign

06.Abandoned Apartment Building Being Claimed By The Sea In The Former Fishing Village Of Kirovsky, Russia

Abandoned apartment building being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia

07.Scola Tower, Liguria, Italy

As with other coastal towers and lookouts of the Ligurian coast, the Scola Tower is part of a defensive system originally desired by the Senate of the Republic of Genoa in the 16th and 17th centuries for the purposes of protecting the coast and, consequently, the towns and villages. According to some studies, the tower may have been built in the early 17th century for an estimated cost of 56,000 Genoese liras, and was in response to new ballistic technologies which forced the Senate of Genoa to a rapid conversion of existing defensive sites and the creation of new ones.-wikipedia

08.Trees Grow Inside The Hull Of A Sunken Ship

09.Abandoned Bike Reclaimed By Ivy

10.Destined To Be Green. Abandoned Escalator

11.Mother Nature Is Calling. Somewhere In China

12.This Tree Grew Over A Grave Stone And Took The Cross With It

13.Shrine In Japan

14.Abandoned Asylum In Italy That Has Been Touched By Bob Ross

15.Abandoned Stone Cottage. Sneem/Kenmare, Ireland

16.Earth Slowly Reclaiming An Abandoned Boat – SS City Of Adelaide, Wrecked Off The Coast Of Magnetic Island, Australia

Abandoned 100-Year-Old Shipwreck in Australia Is Reclaimed by Nature

17.A Barn Claimed By Kudzu In Tennessee

18.Overgrown Roller Coaster

19.Abandoned Railway Bridge In Czech Republic

20.Just A Little Moss, It Will Buff Out

21.This Tree I Found Growing In An Old Silo

22.I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

23.Mushrooms Growing Through The Floor!

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