The natural world is full of beauty and wonder. Explore it with this collection of essays that provide a fascinating glimpse into our planet’s past and present.

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01. The Stunning Helleborus Black Beauty

02. Jumping spider

03. The Bornean Pig is also known as “ Bearded Pig “

04. Turtle’s shell looks like a fireworks display

05. Sailfish have been clocked at speeds in excess of 68mph/112km, some experts consider the Sailfish the fastest fish in the world’s oceans.

06. The stunning golden tortoise beetle, Also known as Charidotella Sexpunctata, it is part of the leaf beetle family, Chrysomelidae and a native to the Americas.

07. Stunning Black Beauty Sunflower!

08. Blue Mycena Mushroom

09. This is what a peacock spider looks like

10. Judas tree – an extraordinary tree whose flowers grow straight from the trunk

11. Incredibly detailed photograph of our Sun

12.Cat Door Knocker Bronze Sculpture


14. The Persian Carpet Flower

15. Hammerhead Bat, also known as the Winged Moose.

16. Baby goblin bat.

17. The stunning Echium wildpretii, also known as Tower of jewels !

18. Beautiful rare Black Baccara

19. So some Bees decided to make a hive in between the window and the shutters.

20. A mother wolf spider carrying her babies.

21. Heirloom Black Carrot Nebula

22. Yucca rigida – Blue Yucca, look at the bloom!

23. Bald Eagle’s nest with a ranger for scale.

24. Looks like stained glass

25. Lithops are South African plants that have evolved to look like stones

26.This creature is a Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar.

27. Amazing artwork of the nature

28. This variety of corn is one of the most original, it produces translucent and kaleidoscopic seeds.

29. Indian giant flying squirrel in the air in broad daylight!

30. A majestic Maine Coon.

31. This gorgeous orchid looks just like a bird! Photo: Christian Kneidinger

32. Tiger Moth with a clown face (Idalus herois). It is found in Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.


34. The atlas moth has wings that mimic two cobras watching her back.

35. Freeze-thaw-refreeze cycle creates hummingbird-shaped icicle in Michigan yard

36. The shadow that this tree makes is a work of art!

37. Resting under the giant sequoia in Yosemite Park

38. A Giant Ginkgo tree, Japan

39. Schizophyllum commune is a species of fungus in the genus Schizophyllum.

40. Everlasting love

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