r/Embroidery subreddit is an online community of nearly 703k ‘stitchers,’ it’s a space that’s dedicated to hand and machine embroiderers to exchange tips, techniques, resources, and ideas. There are incredible creations shared here.

First Time Entering A Competition

I Think This Is The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Stitched

Lots Of French Knots On 9” Hoop

It Took Me Several Months To Finish This 8″ Pet Portrait – I Even Ombré Dyed The Fabric Myself!

Morning On Mt. Sanitas, 8″ Landscape. This Took Absolutely Forever!

My 9-Year-Old Son Did This Free Hand And Wanted To Share

What’s The Best Quality Embroidery You’ve Ever Seen? This Cat Embroidery Is By Hiroko Kubota And The Attention To Detail Is Amazing

New Finished Embroidery

Coral Reef Day/Night

And It’s

Velociraptor Piece I Am Working On!

Thread Painting On 8” Hoop. This One Is Challenging, I Struggle A Lot On The Body

After Having Many Conflicted Thoughts About This Piece, It Is Finally Finished And I Am Quite Happy With How It Turned Out!!

Mixed Material Embroidery. What Do You Think?

The Four Seasons Of Homer Disappearing Into A Bush. What Do You Think- Are The Fabric Choices Ok?

Today Is World Mental Health Day And I Just Want To Say To Each And Every Person That Reads This, You Are Magical & Deserve To Be Here, Hold On And Always Have Hope

Pocket Full Of Posies

First Post, Make It Count

First Piece Ever. I Wanted To Share it With Y’all Since I Have Nobody In Real Life To Share It With! This Thing Was So Frustrating

Another ~ Spooky ~ Design!

Portrait For A Friend Who Lost A Child. This Was His Favorite Hiking Trail

A Tale As Old As Time…

My Beautiful Octopus is Ready To Go Back To The Ocean


My Third Attempt- I am very Much A Beginner So Please Be Kind!

Fox For My Housemate On Her Jacket

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

First Time Embroidering A Sweater! It’s Far From Perfect, But I’m V Proud

Giant Jungle Update! Come A Long Way Since the Last Post

Bleached Out Coral Reef Embroidery This Has Been A Stop, Start Piece Of Work. I Have Found It A Conflicting Piece To Work On. I Have Made Some Good Progress This Week And Am Determined To Finish It

I’ve Been Working On This For A While And I’m Happy To Finally Be Able To Put It Out There. The Last 1.5 Years Have Been Rough, With Multiple Life Changing Events, And Stitching Kept Me Sane. Worked On The Back Looking Better Too. Design By Trish Burr

Detailed Pet Embroidery Portrait. It’s Really Challenging Fo Do A Such Realistic Portrait

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