Different people show their true love in different ways. Some express their affection through touches, others through words, and some through actions.

Hyocheon Jeong is an artist from South Korea. He paints intimate and beautiful moments in the life of a loving couple. These are so beautiful that he has managed to win the love of many users on Instagram. Check out his designs below and let us know how close they are to you.

More info: Instagram | grafolio.com

Dancing Through The Night

Savouring The Careful Touches

Loving Those Small Kisses

Watching The City Lights

Strolling Around The Park And Ignoring The Bad Weather

Feeling Safe In Your Embrace

Appreciating Lovely Home-Made Dinners

Sleeping In Your Arms

Simply Relaxing Together After Watching A Good Show

Capturing The Simple Moments

Kissing In The Rain

Living Our Winter Wonderland

Celebrating All The Holidays Together

Seeing The Romance In Daily Tasks

Having Breakfast Together

Walking In The Rain And Kissing

Enjoying All Those Gentle Touches

Making Your Hands Warm

Having A Warm Bubble Bath


Kissing In The City Of Love

Kissing Under The Stars

Loving The Vacations Together

Working On Our Home Together

Sharing A Dessert

Gazing Into Each Others Eyes Under Sakuras

Appreciating Our Date Nights

Sitting Together In The Rain

Enjoying Beautiful Evenings

Spending Time Together In The Streets

Feeling The Love

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