The Instagram page, called xanhmuot.suzustudio , shows how lovers share their lives. The artist shows the special moments of their life and the problems they face. Scroll down to watch the highlights from it.

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01. Even though you’re sleeping, your hands still wanna hug me.


03. Never get wet because of rain

04. In the past, our eyes met at the same moment, who would have thought that now we would be together forever



07. Wow, you are gorgeous

08. Expectation of love in our thinking

09. I realized that I don’t have to wait for a special day to show my love to you. Because I understand that a woman must be looked after and respected every day from the smallest things.

10. When will we travel together again?

11. 1 word is better than 3 times guessing

12. Everything happens for a reason

13. What are you waiting for?

14. Feel like the first time we fall in love

15. Sometimes I want to try more and more so that my boyfriend doesn’t worry too much about me, but…

16. Men and women can be “just friends”, what do you think about that?

17. I just need you!

18. Do you know the usage of my headband?

19. In the morning, when I woke up, I suddenly feel so good because of we are still together.

20. Really miss this feeling

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