Dimitri is a French artist and graphic designer. he has been interested in history and architectural remains.

He travels the globe looking for forgotten places in urban decay.

Dimitri has an Instagram called JAHZ DESIGN, which shares the most beautiful abandoned places worldwide.

More info: Instagram | jahzdesign.com | Facebook

#1 Abandoned Theater, Italy

#2 Abandoned Sanatorium, Georgia

“IN ITS HEYDAY, TSKALTUBO WAS one of the Soviet Union’s flagship spa resorts, famous for its therapeutic mineral springs and radon water therapy. The development of the sanatorium town started in the mid-1920s and by the 1980s was flourishing under the Soviet-mandated “right to rest.”

#3 Abandoned Cinema, Italy

#4 Abandoned Church, Italy

#5 Abandoned Crypt, Portugal

#6 Abandoned Castle, France

#7 Abandoned Hospital, France

#8 Abandoned Villa, Portugal

#9 Abandoned Cinema, France

#10 Abandoned Sanatorium, Italy

#11 Abandoned Casino, Italy

#12 Abandoned Castle, France

#13 Abandoned Villa, Italy

#14 Abandoned Rocket

#15 Abandoned Disco, Italy

#16 Abandoned Sanatorium, Italy

#17 Abandoned Ship, France

#18 Abandoned Hotel, Italy

#19 Abandoned Orphanage, Italy

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